Common Receives Gold Air Jordan 1 Sculpture Gift Before Winning An Oscar Award

The Three 6 Mafia winning an Oscar for an Original Song back in 2006 was the last time a hip-hop artist or group won an Oscar award, since it is somewhat of a rare occurrence. However, considering that many 23 is Back readers may have been watching the 2015 Oscars this past weekend, they must have been surprised to see Common win an Oscar award. Yet, what will surprise them even more is that he ended up with even more gold in the form of an Ar Jordan 1 golden sculpture that will obviously not be up for grabs on any Jordan release dates 2015.

The actor/rapper from Chicago received the golden Academy Award statue alongside John Legend for Best Original Song “Glory” that they produced for last year’s historical drama film, Selma. However, he already wound up with gold in his hands prior to the awards when he was gifted an all gold Air Jordan 1 pair, which are not actually sneakers but sculptures created by renowned Los Angeles-based fine artist, Matthew Senna.

If 23isBack readers do not recall, Matthew Senna is the same talented artist who is responsible for the creation of the bronze sculptures that surfaced not so long ago, accurately resembling the Air Jordan 3 and 13. However, Common had actually received the gold Air Jordan 1 sculpture from @jahajohnson, who perhaps suspected that Common would be awarded with more gold later that night. Despite the fact that the all-gold Air Jordan 1 pair is smaller than the Academy Award statute, it is still impressive nonetheless.

common-air-jordan-1-02Some 23 is Back readers might even claim that Common probably values his Oscar award more than the gold sculpture. However, that only means that they themselves would be willing to pay hundreds to even thousands of dollars to be able to cop a gold Air Jordan 1 sculpture like this one. Of course, such an Air Jordan-based bronze or gold statute will likely not be hitting the shelves on future Jordan release dates 2015 any time soon.

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