Chinese Shoppers Will Get To Celebrate Singles Day With This Air Jordan 13

For readers who are not from China or are simply unaware, China has a consumer holiday called Singles Day. It can be regarded as the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday because it happens to be one of the biggest annual online shopping day in the world. Back in 2014, Chinese consumers had spent 6 billion pounds in merely 24 hours, just by shopping through China’s leading online marketplace company, Alibaba. It is not unusual for Jordan Brand to drop kicks in commemoration of Chinese holidays and occasions. However, this is apparently the first time Jordan Brand has acknowledged this Chinese consumer holiday with a special Air Jordan 13 colorway.

Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”-2In China, the people celebrate Singles Day on November 11th of each year. The day is also referred to as the “bare sticks holiday” there, considering that November 11th is numerically written as 11/11. The origins of Singles Day can be traced back to the 1990s, when it began in opposition of Valentine’s Day by students who wished to celebrate the fact that they were single. Considering that the male population in China outweighs that of the women, it is also known as “Bachelors’ Day.” This imbalance is somewhat a result of China’s longstanding one-child policy, which recently came to an end.

However, not only singles but any one who is fond of shopping ends up celebrating Singles Day since it is basically a consumer holiday. So, this year it seems that the online shoppers in China will also be able to enjoy the Singles Day by copping an Air Jordan 13 pair. This exclusive and limited Air Jordan 13 aptly dubbed “Singles Day” appears to have leather uppers dressed up in a combination of Black and Red. Its uppers are apparently also covered in an overlay that is meant to wear away just like that of the Air Jordan 12Wings,” while this sneaker is also equipped with special insoles.

Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”-3This Air Jordan 13 release can pretty much be regarded as the Air Jordan 3 releases that Jordan Brand has planned to drop for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. So, it must be obvious that this Air Jordan 13 will be exclusively available to everyone in China and will make its retail debut on Singles Day, i.e. November 11th.

Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”-4Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day
Release Date: November 11th,2016

Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”-5

Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”-6

Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”-7

Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”-8

Air Jordan 13 “Chinese Singles Day”-9

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