Carmelo Anthony Is Back To Camp With A Jordan Melo M10 PE

23 is Back readers might be aware of the fact that NBA summers are now underway, and they might also be aware that the return of the NBA stars to camp is a major secondary strand of the summers. Some players are so eager that throughout the off season they cannot stop themselves from hitting the weights. No wonder that this summer, NBA stars like Anthony Bennet, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James showed up to camp with a slimmer physique. Readers might be wondering what this has got to do with Jordan release 2015 and 2014 news.

melo-showcases-new-jordan-melo-m10Some of the readers here are also probably fans of the New York Knicks, which means that they can sit back and relax because Carmelo Anthony recently signed a contract extension with the team. Thus, Carmelo Anthony will continue to play for the Knicks and it should be obvious that he is still committed to improving. Something that Jordan heads here may have missed is the fact that a photograph was taken Carmelo Anthony, who is back to camp.

As can be seen from the photograph, not only does Carmelo Anthony appear to have a slimmer build, but he also seems to be holding a brand new pair of Air Jordans, which is apparently the Jordan Melo M10 PE. Unlike any player exclusive M10 sneakers that have been seen in the past, it seems that the Jordan Melo M10 PE that Carmelo was holding is one of the cleanest ones yet.

23 is Back readers will agree that this Melo M10 PE pair looks quite like Carmelo’s Super Sunday PE. An all-white upper is featured by this sneaker, which contrasts with a royal blue midsole and an icy translucent outsole that features orange branding. Even the tongue features an orange Jumpman, while the midsole feature the signature black and grey carbon. Like any true PE, this Jordan Melo M10 PE will never have a Jordan release 2015 or 2014 date since it will not be making a retail debut.

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