Another “Black/White” Jordan Future Pops Up

A few months ago, Jordan Brand revealed that they would be released sixteen Jordan Future pairs during the summer season and fall season. Those who have been reading 23isBack update posts will be aware that Jordan Brand has remained on track and that the lifestyle sneaker has already been dropped in several different colorways.

 “Black/White” Jordan Future This latest “Black/White” colorway of Jordan Future that has just popped up is actually quite identical to a couple of styles that have already been seen. This new colorway not only reminds of “Jordan Brand Classic” pairs, it looks almost just like the other “Black/White” pair of Jordan Future that was released on July 11. The main feature that differentiates this new colorway from the other new jordans is that it does not sport an entirely translucent outsole and it is not in black.

 “Black/White” Jordan Future This unbelievably awesome pair has most likely been unveiled to get Jordanheads prepped for the exhilarating string of Air Jordan Futures that will follow. Whatever the case, the wonderful woven upper of this pair is adorned completely in black, with the tonal monotony broken up by white flecks, while it has an all white outsole underneath it.

It is the contrasting outsole that is a part of its design that makes this already excellent looking model look even better and it is not natural if 23 is Back readers feel excited to see the release of this pair. Unfortunately, as far as the date of release is concerned, Jordanheads are not that lucky just yet.

air-jordan-future-black-white-sole-04There has not been any news of an official release, but these kicks can be compared to highly exclusive Jordan Future “Jordan Brand Classic” PE. It is also quite natural to expect that sneaker enthusiasts are going to be keeping their eyes peeled for latest Jordan release dates and seeking this colorway from far and wide until it hits the shelves.

images via @sneakergaga

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