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The AJ 29 “Photo Reel” Features Michael Jordan’s Actual Jumpman Pose Photograph

For a very long time, Jordanheads have been eagerly copping and lacing up in Air Jordan sneakers that feature the Jordan Jumpman logo. However, it is very likely that many of them, including 23 is Back readers, are not entire certain where the Jumpman logo truly originated from. This Air Jordan 29 “Photo Reel,” which will be hitting the shelves on one of the upcoming Jordan release date 2015, proudly displays the source of the Jordan Brand’s trademark branding.

Air Jordan XX9 Photo Reel 672The fact of the matter is that Michael Jordan had not even started wearing Nike sneakers when the Jumpman pose came into existence. It was during the 1984 Olympic Games when Michael Jordan had joined the Chicago Bulls. In the photoshoot for LIFE Magazine in which Michael Jordan was photographed doing the Jumpman pose, Michael Jordan had actually been wearing a Converse pair.

However, the Jumpman pose, which was later converted into Jumpman logo, was actually done by Michael Jordan in 1985 in Chicago while he was wearing the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe.” As of lately, Nike has even been sued by Jacobus Rentmeester, the photographer who captured the original ‘Jumpman pose’ photographer, who claims that the second photograph rip-off. Even though it is a major legal dispute, this is apparently what prompted Jordan Brand to whip up the Air Jordan 29 “Photo Reel” that showcases the very photograph that is at the center of this lawsuit.

air-jordan-29-xx9-photo-reelThe upper of this Air Jordan 29 pair features the usual knit technology with a sun-set gradient base and the supposedly ripped-off Jumpman pose’ photo stitched onto it instead of a large Jumpman logo. 23 is Back readers can probably not recall Jordan Brand having dropped a sneaker like this one, featuring such an iconic image, so no wonder it is going to cost them $225 to cop this new jordans. February 13th, 2015 has already been confirmed as one of the Jordan release date 2015 that will mark the retail debut of the Air Jordan 29 “Photo Reel.”

Air Jordan XX9 “Photo Reel”
Photo Reel/Team Orange-Gym Red
Release Date: February 13th, 2015
695515-806 | $225