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The Market Price Of The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2-Region Specific Release-Rockets Up !

Release Date: March 30th, 2019
Retail Price: $220 (Men’s)$160 (Kids)$140 (Infants)
Color: Clay/Clay/Clay
Style Code: EG7490
Style Code: EG6872 (Kids)
Style Code: EG6881 (Infant)

The Yeezy 350 V2 lateral translucent series welcomes three new region-specific releases this month of Asian exclusive “Hyperspace”, America’s exclusive “Clay” and Africa exclusive “True Form”.

The “Hyperspace” variety is at the low-end retail price and reportedly coming with considerable stock contrasted with the other two colorways.

Though dropped worldwide these three colorways, due to the region-specific releases, getting yourself one pair still has considerable difficulty for being in great demand.

If you thought Yeezy is becoming common and easy to get, then you were wrong, and to everyone’s surprise, the 350 v2 makeup has soared up at an unbelievable price of 100,000 RMB.

Warning: Yeezy 350 “CLAY” Has Been Exposed, It Will On Sale This Year!

Yeezy line has made a lot of records on limited sales in the restock wave and brought many positive comments. Kanye West made everyone own a Yeezy; the speculation price is no longer unattainable, letting more people get on the Yeezy’s “car”.

The Yeezy 350 V3 has not revealed officially yet 350V2 embraces numerous new colorways, such as the “Glow In The Dark”. It seems that the V3 depicted earlier by Kanye has to wait for a while. Now let’s have a look at the newborn “Clay” colorway.

The American-limited “Clay”, which is known as the terracotta warrior color, inherits the previous release of 350 V2 “Static” transparent mesh stripe design. The color blocking is presented in a simple bright reddish hue, giving a strong visual impact.  Perhaps due to the delay in the release date, it leaves suspense and wins itself hype.

It looks like “clay” will be released in 2019. As for the specific date, we need to confirm it further! There has always been a Yeezy sale to accompany you Kanye fans, so you may not feel lonely. Stay tuned for the update!

12 Pairs Of The Jordan 6 “Clay” Made For Macklemore’s Family & Friends

Just recently, Macklemore had unveiled his exclusive “Green Suede” pair of the Air Jordan VI, which has been dubbed “Cactus,” on his Instagram page. However, 23isBack readers will probably be excited to learn that it was not the only exclusive Air Jordan VI that the rapper debuted. Rather, this “Clay” all-red suede colorway of the Air Jordan VI has also appeared to take the sneaker world by storm. However, guessing future Jordan release dates for these two sneakers is pointless since they will not be hitting retail shelves. Continue reading 12 Pairs Of The Jordan 6 “Clay” Made For Macklemore’s Family & Friends