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Air Jordan 10 “Chicago 45” Retro Remastered “Double Nickel”

The legendary Michael Jordan continues to make it big in the sneaker industry with his famous Air Jordan sneakers brand. The brand is about to surprise its sneakerheads with a comeback of Air Jordan 10 “Chicago 45”. The sneaker is to be introduced to the market as Air Jordan 10 Retro Remastered “Double Nickel”. It is among the most anticipated Jordan releases 2015. The new sneaker is scheduled to be released on 28th March 2015 and thus for any 23isback sneakerhead.me readers out there, be ready for it. Like the other brand that has been released before, Air Jordan 10 Retro Remastered “Double Nickel” does not disappoint in terms of quality and sense of fashion.

air-jordan-x-10-chicago-retro-45-02 With its unique and classic appearance, Air Jordan 10 Retro Remastered “Double Nickel” will definitely make you feel confident wearing it. The sneaker comes with elegant white, black and red colors that can comfortably match with other colors. White is the dominant color with a fine touch of the black color around the lace area. The sole is designed with fantastic and unique patterns of black-red colors a thing that adds the overall value of the sneaker. The combination of these colors makes this sneaker appear incredibly beautiful, and they significantly improve its appearance.

air-jordan-10-double-nickel-2015Air Jordan 10 Retro Remastered “Double Nickel” is equipped with stunning black laces to enables you tighten it perfectly. It is a perfect sneaker for those who love basketball and at the same time you can wear it comfortably in your daily life. You can take it off the shelf at a retail price of $190 once it is released. The sneaker is available at eBay store at the quoted price. This is indeed beautiful, elegant and classic Jordan releases 2015 worth spending your money on. It is a great purchase, and you will never regret your decision of buying it.

Air Jordan 10 Retro “Chicago 45″ “Double Nickel”
White/Varsity Red-Black
Release Date: March 28th, 2015
310805-102 | $190

Work On The Jordan Brand 2015 Remastered Air Jordan Retro Collection Is Underway

O.G. sneaker heads here on 23 is Back probably have their eyes set on next year since not only is 2015 going to prove to be epic of Jordan Brand, it will also turn out to be epic for them too. Even though no 2015 Jordan release dates have been officially announced, the remastered Air Jordan retros that will be released next year are still in the news. Continue reading Work On The Jordan Brand 2015 Remastered Air Jordan Retro Collection Is Underway

Jordan Brand Might Be Planning To Re-Release Entire Jordan 10 “City Pack”

The readers of 23 is Back were kept informed of quite a few Air Jordan 10 Retros that were released this year. However, many sneakerheads feel as if their collective stashes are just not complete yet and there is still a void that needs to be filled. Well, apparently this particular Jordan release 2015 rumor will fill that void effectively.

Jordan 10 “Powder Blue”After all, 2015 is the year in which Jordan Brand is scheduled to go back and “remaster” retros with better detailing and higher quality. Jordan sneaker aficionados must be thinking what could be coming their way in the next wave of Jordan retros. If readers paid any attention to the “leaked list” of 2015 Jordan releases, then the Air Jordan 10 “City Pack” most likely comes to mind.

jordan 10 new york knicksJordan Brand has already confirmed that the “Chicago” colorway of Jordan 10 from the “City Pack” will be re-released next year, but that is not all. If there is any truth behind the list that was recently leaked, then Jordan Brand also plans to re-release the “Charlotte,” “New York,” “Sacramento” and “Seattle” colorways of Jordan 10 in 2015. Of course, there is no surety whether the entire “City Pack” will be released, or if it will be released at all, there never is, but sneakerheads are apparently not going to stop being hopeful.

Jordan Original – OG 10 (X) Orlando MagicWhen Tinker Hatfield had designed Jordan 10 back in 1994, he had no clue that Michael Jordan would return from retirement. This is the reason Michael Jordan’s career highlights are inscribed on the outsole at the bottom as a tribute to everything he has achieved on the court. Due to Michael Jordan’s absence, the pairs in the “City Pack” were actually created for a select group of five NBA players who wore them on the court.

jordan-10-Sacramento-KingsIf 23isBack readers can certainly connect, then they will understand that if the “Chicago” colorway had been confirmed and its name was on the leaked list, then the “City Pack” could also be arriving next year. Now all that remains is to catch up on Air Jordan release dates 2015 news and rumors that may inform whether or not the entire Jordan 10 “City Pack” will be released in Jordans 2015.

jordan-10-seattle-supersonicsJordan 10 City Series colorways:

  • Charlotte Hornets
  • New York Knicks
  • Orlando Magic
  • Sacramento Kings
  • Seattle Supersonics
Why Is The “45” On Jordan 10 “Chicago” A Vital Addition?

Indeed, 23isBack had already assured its readers that Jordan 10 “Chicago” is being brought back by Jordan Brand next year, which is after 3 long years that this pair has been absent. However, the original “Chicago” is a very special pair, and it had something that its 2012 retro lacked, the “45.” With the latest Jordan release 2015 news that the “Chicago” is going to be remastered and released next year, the presence of the “45” will be vital.

Jordan 10 “Chicago” The era following Michael Jordan’s retirement from basketball to a career in baseball was a monumental era. He was the greatest athlete of that time and people loved to watch him play basketball, which was something he did better than other players, but he was walking from it all. As a result, Michael became the subject of a lot of criticism and it was a bad era for those still rooting for him since he was definitely not in his prime.

Of course, MJ did not stay down for long and he decided to shake things up a year and a half later when he made a comeback to the court in 1995. The comeback marked the return of a different Michael Jordan, an MJ who kept alternative between good games and struggling, and the “45” on his jersey perfectly symbolized the change MJ had undergone during his absence. Of course, Michael Jordan returned to the top of his prime when he switched back to “23” and went on to win three consecutive championships.

Jordan 10 “Chicago” .After reading this, if 23isBack release dates readers scour the Internet for an Jordan 10 “Chicago” sample with the “45” on them, all they are going to find is nothing but remakes. While these remakes may look just like they are supposed to and also feature the “45” but they just do not have the same feel as the pair worn by Michael Jordan himself back when he was wearing jerseys with the number “45. Fortunately, with the Jordan 2015 announcement of the remastered retro Jordan 10 “Chicago”, the wait will finally end.

The Popular & Sacred “Chicago” Colorway Gets Remastered For 2015 After Having Been Retrod Back In 2012

23 is Back would like to be among the first to report that the fact that a new approach is going to be taken by Jordan Brand in terms of constructions and materials on retro Jordan pairs that will be released next year. It should be obvious that Jordan release dates 2015 have not yet been disclosed, but Jordan Brand is expected to initially focus on Jordans 4, 7 and 10, and this popular “Chicago” colorway is expected to make its return too.

Jordan 10 “Chicago” So far, out of all Jordan retro pairs, which are scheduled to be remastered for 2015, Jordan 10 “Chicago” is the only one that will come in an original colorway. Even after so many years, since 1994 to be precise, this pair that was once a rare PE is still considered quite sacred, and Jordan Brand only retrod them once in the past.

This upcoming Jordan 10 “Chicago” will be quite different from the 2012 edition. First, Jordan Brand is going to remaster the shape of this upcoming version and second, the collar will feature the “45” stitching around it, which was originally seen on the PE version of this pair that was worn by Michael Jordan. Moreover, the Player Exclusive “45” will be embroidered on an upper made from high quality tumbled leather. Continue reading The Popular & Sacred “Chicago” Colorway Gets Remastered For 2015 After Having Been Retrod Back In 2012