A Recent Mashup Air Jordan Sneaker Is Rumored To Be The 4LAB1

Speculations that Jordan Brand has been working on the Air Jordan 4Lab1 have been circulating since last month, but 23isBack readers may feel thrilled to learn that that may be beyond that. The new jordans were rumored to have the high-top silhouette of the Air Jordan 1 with an entire upper that supposedly featured the netting details of the Air Jordan 4. Jordan Brand did not offer any official information about any potential 2014 or 2015 Jordan release dates associated with this possible mashup sneaker, but images keep on popping up.

Apparently, this latest Air Jordan that has just materialized is indeed the next mashup sneaker from Jordan Brand’s LAB series. In the latest images of this sneaker, it can be clearly seen that the grid pattern is covering a color scheme beneath it that is reminiscent of the Air Jordan 1 style.

air-jordan-4-lab-1-01For 23isBack readers who do not know, a crossover between specific Air Jordan silhouettes topped with a myriad of iconic patterns from other AJs has been featured in the LAB series. This upcoming Air Jordan 4 LAB1 apparently resembles the 3LAB5 and 5LAB3 to a great extent. Of course, the pattern that the entire upper is covered with is certainly quite distinct. Even the laser pattern that is featured also resembles other Air Jordans, especially the Air Jordan 1 Laser.

air-jordan-4-lab-1-02Latest photos of this sneaker also reveal that the upper has been dressed in a black and grey colorway with the netting that features 3M reflective details. A solid white midsole and a translucent outsole add the finishing touches to this mashup sneaker.

Although it is not certain whether or not this is the next series from the LAB collection by Jordan Brand, 23isBack readers would probably also want to see a “Bred” version as well. However, for now, they should simply cross their fingers and hope that one of 23isback release dates that are announced in the near future is associated with this Air Jordan 4Lab1.

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