The Air Jordan Releases 2018 May Include Charlotte Hornets-Themed Sneakers From Jordan Brand

The Charlotte Hornets were probably hoping to end their two-game loss streak when they faced the Indiana Pacers this Thursday at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse. However, they failed do so as a result of suffering another devastating loss against the Pacers. This is obviously not the best of times for the team and they seem to be in dire need of more superior athletes. Frank Kaminsky is now being referred to as the “worst defender” in the Hornets roster. Of course, the Charlotte Hornets may still end up making a comeback. Along with achieving the mark, the Hornets can also look forward to sneakers and uniforms bearing the “Jumpman.”

For many years, the NBA refused to allow the logos of corporate sponsors to be featured and visible on the uniforms that professional basketball athletes wear during games. However, the latest news is that NBA has finally agreed to and come to terms with this idea, so the 2017–2018 NBA season will be featuring uniforms with corporate branding. It should not come as a surprise that the uniforms of the Charlotte Hornets will be designed by Jordan Brand and will sport “Jumpman” branding soon. Of course, the logos of other brands can also be expected to make appearances on the court very soon.

Sneakerheads are definitely familiar with Air Jordan sneakers dressed up in the official colors of the Charlotte Hornets, considering that the franchise is owned by Michael Jordan. It was Darren Rovell of ESPN who reported that the uniforms of the Chicago Hornets would be featuring the “Jumpman” logo once the 2017–2018 NBA season begins. This somewhat also means that sneakerheads can expect the Jordan releases 2018 to include numerous Chicago Hornets-themed sneakers from Jordan Brand, including Player Exclusives. As for basketball enthusiasts, they will have to get used to seeing NBA jerseys featuring new branding and logos.

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