The Recently Spotted Air Jordan All-White 5 & 6 Are Most Likely Samples

Two new jordans from Jordan Brand have just popped up not so long ago in colorways that have never been seen before, and 23 is Back is among the very first to inform readers about them. The sneakers being referred to an Air Jordan 5 pair and an Air Jordan 6 pair, which will likely not be associated with Jordan release dates whatsoever.

air-jordan-5-white-iceThe last time all-white sneakers had been seen was back in 2011. That year, the Air Jordan 25th Anniversary Collection had popped up a part of a traveling exhibit that was featured at Nike locations all over the world. The collection had included every sneaker from Jordan Brand up to the Air Jordan 25, which had been released in 2010. However, only five sneakers from that collection had hit the shelves, namely the Air Jordan 2, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 9, and Air Jordan 11.

air-jordan-6-white-ice-However, 23 is Back readers should not mistaken these recently spotted Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 6 for those all-white AJs from 2011. These sneakers just made an appearance in Barcelona as a part of Nike’s World Basketball Festival space surrounding 2014 FIBA World Cup. The colorway of these sneakers is apparently being dubbed “White Ice,” obviously because of their all-white upper.

air-jordan-3-whiteout-570x570However, the fact that these Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 6 sneakers are not exactly entirely white also makes it apparent that they are not from the Air Jordan 25th Anniversary Collection. Rather, the “White Ice” nickname likely also refers to the translucent icy blue accents on the outsole.

air-jordan-4-whiteout-570x570Since 23 is Back does not have further news regarding these Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 6 pairs, it can be assumed that these are actually samples. So, it cannot be confirmed whether or not these Air Jordan “White Ice” sneakers will be releasing in the future. Nonetheless, sneaker heads can still add December 20 to their list of 23isback release dates if they want an all-white sneaker, since the Air Jordan 11Legend Blue” will be making its retail debut.air-jordan-7-whiteout-570x570 air-jordan-11-whiteout-570x570 air-jordan-13-whiteout-570x570

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