Jordan 6 Retro “Sport Blue” — A Long Awaited Retro Colorway — Finally Makes Its Way To Retail Stores

23 is Back would like to bring to light the fact that for years now, there has been debates on various sneaker forums over the true color designation of Jordan 6 original colorway. However, many readers probably agree that the bigger question is that why Jordan Brand has not retrod Jordan 6 yet. However, that was only until November 2013, when new Jordan release 2014 dates began surfacing.

Jordan 6 Retro “Sport Blue” As the 2013 had been nearing its end, it had already become evident that 2014 was going to be a huge year for Jordan 6. Back then, quite a few retro colorways had already been confirmed by Jordan Brand, but there were also rumors suggesting that Jordan 6 “Sport Blue,” which has never been retrod in the past, would finally receive a retro treatment in 2014. Even proof surfaced in the form of an image that further suggested that an Air Jordan VI retro pair was indeed going to be released by Jordan Brand in 2014, which would sport the “Sports Blue” color combination. Even the Air Jordan 6 pair in the image did not feature the same icy blue translucent soles as modern era retros, but Jordan Brand fans were still hopeful.

Jordan 6 Retro “Sport Blue”Indeed, Jordan Brand did lot let its fans down and confirmed that the Air Jordan 6  “Sports Blue” colorway was finally coming back around as a retro release. Back in August 1991 when this fourth “Sports Blue” colorway of the Air Jordan 6 had been released, the official colorway of the kicks ended up becoming a subject of several major debates. These debates mainly revolved around whether the colorway was “September Blue” or “Sports Blue,” since the box tag only featured an abbreviation of the term. Despite speculations, the colorway was actually “Sports Blue,” and the upcoming Retro “Sports Blue” colorway looks precisely like the orginal.

Jordan VI Retro “Sport Blue”Here at 23isBack, we are well aware that plenty of Air Jordan enthusiasts are cannot wait for the Air Jordan 6 Retro “Sports Blue” to be released so they can cop a pair. The good news is that this Retro “Sports Blue” colorway of the Air Jordan 6 is going to be released on August 30th. After the release of this pair, only the “Maroon” colorway of the Air Jordan 6 will be left behind, which has yet to be retroed. Perhaps Jordan release dates 2015 might include hints of a possible Retro “Maroon” colorway release of the Air Jordan VI, but nothing is certain as of now.

Jordan Brand continues to publish images to provide sneaker enthusiasts, especially those anticipating this release, with glimpses of the upcoming “Sports Blue” colorway. Moreover, the Retro 6’s is not the only Jordan sneakers being released in 2014 that are going to feature the “Sports Blue” color combination. For instance, both the Air Jordan 14 Retro and the Air Jordan 3 Retro that are going to be released before this AJ 6 pair also feature hints of sports blue.

Thus, it certainly seems that 2014 is turning out to be a huge year for the Air Jordan 6, and readers who are curious about further Air Jordan VI colorways that might be released should keep their eyes peeled for new Jordan release 2014 updates.

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