Could This Air Jordan 6 Be The “Gatorade” Or An Upcoming “Satin” Release?

The latest colorway of the Air Jordan 6 that arrived at retailers was the Air Jordan 6Still Blue,” which was an exclusive for small-footed sneakerheads. Many were speculating that the sneaker was likely a part of Jordan Brand’s “PantoneCollection. Regardless, it ended up retailing at a price of $140 from March 25th. Ever since the release of the Air Jordan 6 “Alternative” in March, all the other sneakerheads have probably been eagerly waiting for a brand new colorway of the Air Jordan 6 to make its retail debut. Judging from the photo seen above, a new iteration might actually end up joining upcoming Air Jordan releases 2017.

Currently, many sneakerheads are likely also waiting for the arrival of the Air Jordan 6 “UNC,” despite the fact that they do not even know what the sneaker will actually look like. As of now, the only look they have gotten at the sneaker was thanks to a photoshopped image that recently surfaced online. Considering that this sneaker is scheduled to be a part of Jordan Brand’s Holiday Air Jordan releases 2017, there is still plenty of time for leaked and official photos to make their way onto the Internet. Reportedly, the Air Jordan 6 “UNC” will make its retail debut on December 30th, 2017.

The photo of this never-before-seen Air Jordan 6 iteration, which is accompanying this post, was shared on Instagram by @zsneakerheadz. Even though merely a portion of the front of one shoe can be seen in this photo, it is being speculated that this might the Air Jordan 6 “Gatorade” that is being rumored as one of the potential, upcoming Air Jordan releases 2017. However, it could also be a “Satin” iteration of the model, or perhaps even a brand new Just Don x Air Jordan 6 rendition. The material its uppers seem to be made up of does appear to be satin and it also appears to be dressed up in a combination of Black and Olive Green with Grey-colored laces.

All those who are reading this probably have their own speculations about what colorway this might actually be, but they will have to continue waiting to find out. So, keep checking back for further updates about this unknown Air Jordan 6 colorway.

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