The Air Jordan 12 “Nylon” With Neoprene Uppers Will Be A Tough Sneaker

Most sneakerheads have probably never stopped to wonder what material is used to make wetsuits. The material is actually neoprene, the same fabric that the upcoming Air Jordan 12Nylon” is made up of. It was back in 1930 when DuPont had started manufacturing neoprene, which is also called polychloroprene. It is a synthetic rubber material that had originally been designed to serve as an alternative to natural rubber since it happens to be oil-resistant. Over the years, many industries from utilized neoprene and it has even founds its way into the world of basketball sneakers. Thus, the Air Jordan 12 “Nylon” will be quite special.

Air Jordan 12 “Nylon”-2Of course, the Air Jordan 12 “Nylon” is not the only upcoming iteration of the model to be featuring an out of the ordinary construction. Jordan Brand has even whipped up a rendition of the Air Jordan 12 that will have predominantly woolen uppers. However, neoprene happens to be a very tough material so this particular upcoming Air Jordan 12 edition will prove to be quite robust and will stand the test of time even better than any previous ones. The fabric also happens to be water and weather resistant, so sneakerheads will not have to worry about when or where they wear their Air Jordan 12 pair.

Considering that this iteration is scheduled to be among early September 2016’s Jordan releases, it is not surprisingly that numerous photos of these kicks have surfaced. Since a majority of this Air Jordan 12’s uppers are made of ominous Black neoprene fabric, this sneaker will also be chemical-, heat-, oil- and ozone-resistant. However, this version still has the traditional leather overlays, which are also covered in Black. To add a touch of contrast, an all-Red “Jumpman” logo has been added to each tongue and this sneaker has also been equipped with all-White soles.

Air Jordan 12 “Nylon”-3It seems that not only is 2016 the year of the Air Jordan 12, it is also turning out to be the year in which the model is receiving some very innovative and unique makeovers. This Air Jordan 12 “Nylon” is definitely one example of that and it will soon arrive at retailers on September 10th to retail at a price of $190.

Air Jordan 12 “Nylon”-4Air Jordan 12 “Nylon”
Black/Gym Red-White
Release Date: September 10th, 2016
130690-004 | $190

Air Jordan 12 “Nylon”-5 Air Jordan 12 “Nylon”-6

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