The Air Jordan 11 Joins The AJ3 & 12 With This “Wool” Iteration

It seems that Jordan Brand is apparently planning to establish a trend of woolen sneakers. Winter is coming and sneakerheads will likely be making every possible effort to keep their feet from freezing in the cold temperatures. Wool has always been one of the most promptly available, renewable and sought-after resources. Due to its sculptural and warming qualities, wool has proven to be an ideal choice for footwear over the years. Jordan Brand’s Jordan release for the Holiday Season 2016 already includes two woolen sneakers. However, perhaps Jordan Brand is aiming for a collection because the Air Jordan 11 is also receiving the wool treatment.

air-jordan-11-wool-2Wool is basically fiber or yarn made from a sheep’s fleece and it is popular because of its distinct attributes. When dry, wool tends to be quite warm and it also tends to be very absorbent, capable of holding 1/3rd of its own weight in water. As its starts drying up, wool is also known for giving off heat. While sneakerheads would definitely avoid exposing their kicks to a flame, wool also happens to be self-extinguishing. When compared to other footwear materials, it is these unique qualities of wool that will make Jordan Brand’s upcoming wool sneakers more comfortable, safer and warmer.

It has already been quite a while since sneakerheads have known that the Air Jordan 3 “Wool” is set to join Holiday Season 2016’s “Cyber Monday” and “True Blue” releases. In fact, Jordan Brand’s Holiday Season 2016 lineup already includes a highly-anticipated Air Jordan 11, namely the returning “Space Jam” colorway. However, based upon the photo shared by Instagram user Garrett Bradford (@jayzrdead), it seems that Jordan Brand has crafted a woolen iteration of the Air Jordan 11 too. Looking the same as the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 12 renditions, its uppers are dressed up in Black and Dark Grey, while it also appears to be equipped with clean White midsoles and translucent outsoles.

air-jordan-11-wool-3The photo featured here is apparently not of the actual sneaker, but this is what it will most probably look like. Even though no accurate release details have been announced or confirmed yet, it is somewhat certain that the Air Jordan 11 “Wool” will hit the shelves during the Holiday Season 2016.

Air Jordan 11 “Wool”
Release Date: Holiday Season 2016
| $400

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