This Air Jordan 1 Mid “Sequoia” With Tonal Leather & Suede Uppers Looks Premium

Most sneakerheads are probably familiar with the matte finish and velvety texture of suede, which is often paired with leather in footwear. The general belief is that leather and suede are different materials, but they are actually somewhat the same. Suede is actually a leather finish. Leather is made from the tanned outside of a hide, while suede is made from the inside of a hide that has been appropriately treated. To make suede, the hide is first split and the softer side is utilized. This is the material that Jordan Brand has utilized for the latest iteration of the Air Jordan 1 Mid and it looks quite premium.

air-jordan-1-mid-sequoia-2Like leather, suede is also treated/tanned before it is incorporated into footwear, which ensures that they are not too soft when the temperature gets extreme and do not end up rotting. Unlike leather, suede tends to be more delicate and thinner since it is made from the inside of the hide. That is why specialized materials have to be used to clean it. Of course, suede is not as shiny-looking and thick as leather. At the same time, leather tends to look relatively harsher while suede usually has a more subtle appearance. That is why they are used together to balance the textures.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid rendition that can be seen here is certainly doing that and it is reportedly dubbed “Sequoia.” Despite not being as popular as the Air Jordan 1 OG High or Low, there are still fans of the mid-top version and this particular seemingly “premium” variation could end up being a hit. Its Sequoia nickname is likely a reference to the greyish hue that covers its tonal suede uppers and the leather panels that are present on top. To add some contrast, the tonal uppers have been paired up with all-White soles.

air-jordan-1-mid-sequoia-3Along with the “premium” materials, the color scheme of this sneaker makes it look like a classic. Sneakerheads are probably expecting the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Sequoia” to be available already, but Jordan Brand has actually not yet revealed when this sneaker will hit the shelves.

Air Jordan 1 Mid “Sequoia”
Sequoia/Max Orange-White
554724-302 | $

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