The Air Jordan 1 “Art Basel” Pack Ended Up Retailing On A Yacht

Sneakerheads may or may not have realized it, but the Air Jordan 1 “Igloo” and the Air Jordan 1 NRG “Rust Pink” are a part of a collection that has been dubbed the “Art Basel” Pack. Jordan Brand and Social Status teamed up for the launch of this pack via a pop-up installation that they set up in Miami Beach. This pack was inspired by and designed for the special Art Basel 2017 event that recently took place between December 7th and 10th, 2017 in Miami Beach. However, the Air Jordan 1 “Art Basel” Pack did not end up retailing at the intended pop-up location due to unforeseen circumstances.

In case sneakerheads have not realized it yet, the “Igloo” and “Rust Pink” colorways from this Air Jordan 1 “Art Basel” Pack drew inspiration from all the art deco buildings in Miami Beach district. After all, Miami Beach has an entire Art Deco Historic District. Hence, both of these sneakers were dressed up 80s, art deco inspired pastel colors, specifically Blue and Pink. Since the Air Jordan 1 “Art Basel” Pack was supposed to retail exclusively at a secret pop-up store, the sneakers were produced in limited quantities in men’s sizes 8 to 14. They were supposed to retail at a price of $160 each.

The Air Jordan 1 “Art Basel” Pack was scheduled to make its exclusive retail debut on December 8, between 12 PM and 7 PM EST. Social Status revealed the exact location of the pop-up installation via their official Instagram account. It was revealed to be at the The Mondrian Hotel on 1100 West Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, sneakerheads stormed at the location as soon as it was revealed and the pop-up installation at 1100 West Avenue ended up getting shut down by the police. Quite unexpectedly, the retail location for the Air Jordan 1 “Art Basel” Pack was relocated to 888 MacArthur Causeway, that too on a yacht.

Air Jordan 1 “Art Basel”

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