23 is Back Readers Can Store Their Kicks In A Jordan / Nike Box-Inspired Storage Unit

Most sneakerheads, including 23 is Back readers, stash their favorite sneakers under the bed or in their closets and wardrobe. Others opt for really basic storage options, such as shelving units and plastic drop-front stackable bins. There are even those who return their kicks back in their respective boxes and stack those boxes in their room. However, considering all the 2015 Jordan release dates that are approaching, sneaker enthusiasts could use a unique storage option to keep their precious sneakers safe and secure.

Slide_Out_Wooden_Sneaker_Box_Storage_2015_02There are probably many Jordanheads out there who would want to store their brand new Jordans in a storage unit that is much cooler and eye-catching than the usual options. For them, perhaps a custom shelving system such as the ones designed by Woodlist Punk, an Instagran user, would be more ideal. Woodlist Punk actually built two custom storage units from scratch. One of them looks like an Air Jordan 3 box and the other one looks like a Nike Sportswear box. Both storage units are equipped with shelves that slide out and their tops can be propped open.

Slide_Out_Wooden_Sneaker_Box_Storage_2015_01Based on the photos of the two boxes that Woodist Punk posted on his Instagram account, the storage unit is a bit smaller and taller than what an actual Air Jordan or Nike box of its size. The actual dimensions of the shelving system is 80 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm, while the front shelf is angled so two rows of sneakers will fit inside quite conveniently.

Slide_Out_Wooden_Sneaker_Box_Storage_2015_03Back in November 2014, a New York-based sneakerhead had also designed a similar sneaker storage solution. Even though Woodist Punk is from the United Kingdom, Jordanheads (including 23 is Back readers) who are willing to spend $450 could order a custom Air Jordan or Nike box-inspired shelving system. The price is certainly not cheap, but since so many deluxe and premium Air Jordan kicks are going to be hitting the shelves this year, it would make sense to store them in a unique custom storage solution.

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